This page is devoted to transcriptions of great music.

A year or so after September 11th, I was at the Boston pianist Dave Bryant's house for a lesson.  We had listened to a Bill Dixon CD and a disc of myself playing with some friends at the New England Conservatory, and Dave had made some comments.  But at this moment he was sitting there with a guitar, strumming his fingers down the strings mindlessly, and we started talking somehow about the 9/11 attacks.  Dave remarked that on that evening he had sat with the guitar and, in his words, "just let the notes wash over me."  He went on to say that each note was like a warm ray of light.  "Thank God we have music," he said.

Transcribing my favorite music has been a similar experience for me.  I think that in some ways it is the most enjoyable musical experience.  To sit with Monk, for instance, and learn to hear and play his music, is like sitting in the afternoon sun and soaking up the rays--"letting the notes wash over me."  It is truly the most relaxed, enjoyable learning experience I have had.

Below are transcriptions that Jeff Kimmel and I have completed.

Hank Jones Solo on Pannonica from Joyous Encounter
transcribed by Jeff Kimmel
audio sample Here