Sunday, March 6, 2011

HighLife at Issue Project Room NYC

Here's a video of Jason Ajemian & the HighLife from the April 2010 month-long tour. This show at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn was towards the end of the tour, but the wildest times were still ahead of us. We opened that night for Josephine Foster. It was the first time I ever heard her and I was blown away. She had an older fellow playing saxophone with her who played some of the most haunting melodies I ever heard. The kind of melodies that seem to make time stop all around you. I found out later that night that the saxophonist was Sonny Simmons.

ここに、ジェーソンAjemianのビデオ& 2010年4月の1か月にわたる旅行からのHighLifeがあります。

HighLife has a new record in the can, another short tour coming up in April, and three new promotional spots coming out soon. Our debut CD, 'Let Me Get That Digital', and 7" single 'Monsters & Animals' are available at Sundmagi Records.