Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Spirit

I returned to Chicago yesterday afternoon from the Wishgift tour. It was a good tour, culminating in a torturous drive through a snowstorm from Charlotte to Indianapolis, 4 hours sleep in a hotel, then 5 more hours on the road stuck in weather-related traffic between Indianapolis and Chicago. Since getting home, I have been finishing my teaching before the holiday break, doing makeup lessons for the time I was away, and completing my final report for the CAAP Grant with which I recorded my quartet. That session came out quite good--I'll have masters to listen to soon. I was just next door at Jeff Kimmel's, having him look over my report. On my way back over to the house I started humming Monk's solo version of Memories of You, from The Unique. That version reminds me of a special time, two years ago, when I was visiting my parents in San Diego for the holidays. I took that CD out of the library and listened to it quite a bit. My dad had borrowed a little keyboard from his school, and I began figuring Monk's version of Memories of You out on it. At the same time I was beginning to watch Six Feet Under on DVD, which a friend had given me for Christmas. So Monk's version of Memories of You kind of reminds me of San Diego, my parents, the holidays, and the world of Six Feet Under--Nate and Ruth and David and Keith and Claire and all. It is a wonderful memory. When I returned to Chicago, I learned to play the rest of Monk's version. That was when my obsession with transcribing Monk really took hold.


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