Friday, June 18, 2010

There is No Difference Between Webern and Veronica Mars

I was sitting at the piano today and something occurred to me.

Consider the experience of listening to Anton Webern. You play one song and a silence overtakes you. You are ready for more. The next thing you know, Webern has taken over your life and you have spent hours by yourself listening to more and more of his music. You have listened to his entire oeuvre, and now you are listening to your favorite works over and over again.

Now. Consider the experience of watching Veronica Mars. You check out a couple episodes and see that there is a magic to this world. It is nothing like your world but something about it is true, deep inside you. This is a form of love. When you finish one episode you feel compelled to watch another, immediately. It is that feeling. The feeling has overtaken you and your life stops. The world of Veronica Mars overtakes your own world to the extent that it feels like your own world. Perhaps it becomes your own world. Just like Webern.

Years later, you are interested in something else. But the afterglow is still there. Like meeting an old lover you can no longer be with but feel all the old feelings for.


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